Our goal at Main Street is to make sure we educate our children at an early age about God and His Word.

2-Year-Old Class

We have classes that teach them about proper attitudes. We have lessons that teach our children how to love and obey and make sure they feel loved by their teachers and to know they are loved by God Himself.

3 & 4 Year-Old Class

We will teach the kids, the great stories of the Old Testament. We will follow a chronological manner that reflects the timeline on the hallway wall going to the classroom and the stories in the picture Bibles which are made specifically for them.

Kindergarten Class (Age 5)

We study the New Testament in a chronological manner with hands on experience through costumes and illustrations on the hallway wall and their picture Bibles.

(these classes can be found downstairs)

Elementary Kids

We also have split classes for grades 1-5. Our elementary classroom wing includes the Mission Control (computer lab), the “Hall of Time” and the “Time Machine”, where you can join the TIME TRAVELER KIDS on their JOURNEY TO THE SON!

(these classes can be found upstairs)

Children’s Bible Hour

On Sunday nights, venture downstairs to Attitude Island!

  • We begin with story time with some of our wonderful retired teacher readers in the Bibleland branch of the children’s library.
  • Following a period of singing, we have a puppet show from the island.  There is always a problem with a Bible story solution.
  • We finish up with group learning games on our topics and a visit from Wordbird who always listens to our memory verse.